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  1. The three areas of focus for a grooving brand.

    The better aligned, the more effective in telling, spreading, and facilitating discussions about your story. AT adds value at any level: from the macro strategic to the implementation. As an individual consultant or a leader of parachute teams. (Click on each area to view examples of associated tactical planning.)

    1. Integrated strategic planning and branding

    • Competencies

    • Arenas

    • Vehicles

    • Economic Logic

    • Staging

    Integrated with branding research to determine:

    • What we do well, how we do it differently, and why it matters

    • Enterprise messaging and story

    • Attributes, personality, and image

    • Touch point integration

    2. Campaigns

    • Website strategy and implementation

    • New media, social networking

    • Advertising plans and campaigns

    • Direct marketing plans

    • Public and media relations

    • Sales planning and integration (materials, training, tracking)

    3. Resource management

    • Marcom department planning, evaluation

    • Marcom talent management

    • Make vs. buy planning

    • Agency management

    • ROI and data tracking

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