There’s a shot of a very cute dog in this post.

I just moved in to a new office. I’m renting an office in a larger space rented by a web design firm (Cirro… check them out). The space is in the Freight building on the Taxi campus. Straight out of FastCompany, this place. Here’s my view through one of my walls, the glass of which was reclaimed from the Pepsi Center when they replaced their hockey glass:


Across my desk, through my glass, across the Cirro guys, through a giant, open garage door, with a view of downtown Denver.

My landlords have an interesting story. They’ve been friends since the 8th Grade, and they work together around a single table. That’s pretty much it: A table, their laptops, some music, a couch. The intrigue of their working arrangement and dynamic aside, it feels good to be around some creative energy again.

Plus they like my and my wife’s new dog Tibka. Here he is, nose muddied on a recent hike.


New dog. New office. Life’s pretty good on September first in Denver.