Proud to be an animal

If you aren’t familiar with Please Feed The Animals, you probably should be. Erik Proulx started it to create a space for laid off advertising professionals to reinvent themselves in what turned out to be a serious disruption in the ad agency world. In the process, Erik reinvented himself. I’ve had the chance to work with Erik a few times and I can tell you he’s a rare bird. Creative-brilliant. He’s been a great collaborator for me professionally and an inspiration for my solo efforts.

So when he said that his  his reinvention process has kept him away from feeding the animals on PFTA, and asked a group of us to guest post on PFTA to keep it and the dialog there alive and humming, I jumped at the chance. I’m honored that he asked me to a part of it.

If you’re interested in my take on personal branding, here’s my PFTA post, Personal Branding’s Dirty Secret.